This Jennifer Lopez Shaving Hack Will Help You Travel... Smoothly

Shaving is annoying. Trying to find time to shave when you have approximately zero minutes is even worse.

Even though Jennifer Lopez likely has at least three people working for her who's job is solely to shave her legs for her, she knows the struggle.

Her tip: carry a razor with you.

It makes a lot of sense: why ever waste time shaving at home when you can bring it along with you?

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In a 2011 interview with Allure, Lopez says:

"Today I've changed my outfit six times for shoots, and there's a lot of going from pants to a short skirt, so I keep a razor in my travel kit. In a pinch, I've grabbed a water spray bottle from the hairdresser, mixed it with some lotion, and shaved my legs in under a minute."

We are now kicking ourselves for all the times we took a 60-minute shower because we were attempting to maneuver the crevices of our legs in a dangerously slippery environment.

Though the average woman does not have a hairdresser from which to "grab a spray bottle from", they're easy enough to get our hands on. Even a couple of drops from the Dasani you're carrying around will do.

Essentially: we are all busy ladies, shaving is a hassle, and we should all be more like Jennifer Lopez.

H/t: Allure