Update Your Resume: Kate Middleton Is Looking for a New Private Secretary

The Duchess of Cambridge is hiring.

Yes, the opportunity to be Kate Middleton's private secretary—the right hand to a pair of very toned arms—is yours for the offering.

You just need to have the right skills.

According to Royal Central, responsibilities of the role include "looking after the diaries of the Duchess of Cambridge, both public and private."

(It seems safe to assume they're talking about Middleton's social calendar here rather than, you know, her actual diary. But you never know. Imagine being in charge of Kate Middleton's dream journal...)

You'll be replacing Rebecca Deacon, 34, who has been on the job since 2012 and has served the royal family for a decade. Safe to say, she knows her stuff.

Let's take a nod from her to make sure you're a proper fit.

First question: Do you know how to gesture toward comfortable places to sit?

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How to hold the royal shopping?

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How to hold the royal parasol?

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How to hold the royal stuffed kangaroo?

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And of course, how to hand it back over at the proper time?

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Because as we all know, a successful rule is all about the peaceful transfer of power.

H/t: Vanity Fair

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