Let's Talk About It: How Do You Feel About Period Sex?

Yeah, it's about to get real. Brace yourself.

Period sex is a bit of a taboo subject, yet one that is quite polarizing among those that choose to discuss it.

I personally feel like it's not a big deal at all—sex is already inherently quite messy, and I truly don't see the difference between getting period blood on you versus one of the many other bodily fluids that make an appearance during it.

(Think about it—if semen were red, would we be equally as freaked out about that, too? Probably.)

But I also am not about to tell anyone what they should and should not be comfortable with. At the end of the day, it's a deeply personal thing, but a thing that needs to be talked about nonetheless.

I decided to ask my Facebook friends if they'd be willing to share their thoughts on the matter, and was comforted that a lot of them seem to be of the same mindset: it's really not that big of a deal.

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Most people simply want to avoid a mess, which is more than understandable. (Pro tip: if that's the case, just lay a towel down or jump in the shower. Problem solved.)

But for a lot of women, their increased sex drive during their period far outweighs a little cleanup.

"Honestly, I am most "in the mood" when I'm on my period. My S.O. (male) does not mind having sex during my period, even when it's heavy. It is messy, but isn't regular sex messy too? -Amy

"Some of the best sex I've had has been period sex and if "the mess" was really the problem, most sex would be ruled out. I'm a fan and think it's a turn on when a guy/girl can still get down. Take it in the shower if the look of blood freaks you out. Also, if I were to get rejected for being on my period it would probably break me. I cried at a lost cat poster the other day."  -Kate 

"Not for days one, two, or sometimes three, and best done in the shower." -Angela

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For others, unpleasant period symptoms are the main reason they stray from period sex.

This is an extraordinarily valid reason—the last thing you want to do when you feel like your uterus is actively trying to kill you is poke around at or near it with a foreign object.

Plus, feeling bloated, tired, sore, or otherwise uncomfortable doesn't exactly make for ideal sexy time.

"I have done it many times, but I've never been a fan. My husband doesn't mind it, but I don't like it. I find that I have less sensation when I'm on my period, and I also just don't feel my best. Now, talk to me a week or two before my period starts, and I'm revved and ready to go. But during it, I just want to keep to myself, wear baggy sweatpants, and eat mozzarella sticks until it's over." -Lisa

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Though I've heard my fair share of period sex horror stories (and unfortunately, experienced some of them myself), the majority of men I spoke to were very much okay with period sex.

Sometimes it's happened where they [my partner] underestimated the strength of the period and were embarrassed at the amount of blood, but it never bothered me. Being the person I am with the sense of humor I have, I found the aftermath hilarious because well, there's something morbidly funny about a penis looking like a bloody knife from a horror movie." -Alan

"I haven't done it, but I'm not grossed out by it either. I'm told it helps with cramps and things, so certainly if it helps a woman feel better, I'd do it. Periods happen; I think it's kind of weird and stupid that guys get so squeamish about it." -Matt

"I think any dude that refuses to have period sex with his girlfriend should put a towel on the bed and man up. She's the one dealing with the cramps and mood swings and tampons and you refuse sex with extra lubrication because "ewww, gross!" Put a condom on and be a man. You don't have to go down on her, but be a good partner and help her relieve some tension. She puts up with your bullshit every day. You can buy some red bed sheets and make her week easier." -James

Rejoice—there are good, decent men out there.

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I only spoke to one man who had a somewhat negative view of period sex, but really, it was only in regards to the technical aspects:

"The taboo of it is a little sexy—the reality is a little less so. To be blunt, blood is not a great lubricant." -Rob 

Essentially, it all comes down to whether you are comfortable having sex on your period or not.

If it freaks you out, there's no need to question it or feel bad (unless you tell a woman that she or what's happening to her body is gross—that's never okay). If you're into it—same rule applies.

You do you.