How Much Money Mariah Carey Makes Every Year From Her Christmas Song

Every time I hear 'All I Want for Christmas', there are three things that run through my mind.

  1. Oh Mariah, you glorious singing unicorn.
  2. I need to watch Love Actually again. Haters be damned.
  3. This song must make her so much money. So, so much.

I mean, the first two are obvious. But it turns out the third is also on the money (pun completely intended). Gift site has made a 'Christmas Song Royalty Calculator', which analyses "mechanical royalties, performance rights, synchronization and even print musiccombined with radio, online and TV data" to work out how much the big Yuletide hits rake in, exactly. Including, of course, the Mariah Carey Christmas song royalties.

I only really care about Mariah. And according to these guys, her Christmas carol makes her a cool £392,000, or around $493,000 US (and counting) each year.

A very encompassing disclaimer at the bottom of the page warns, "There's a significant chance that it's completely wrong! Don't shoot the messenger."

But even if it is, there's no doubting that Mimi is sitting pretty.

Here's the 1994 original, in all its glory:


(And here's the Love Actually version, to save you Googling it immediately after. You know you wanted to.)