All the Fantastically Crazy Swimsuits From Miami Fashion Week

Miami Swim Week is an annual fashion week (similar to the ones that take place in New York, Milan etc.) where the biggest names in swimwear show their latest collections.

If you're thinking there's only so much a designer can do with a swimsuit, you are incorrect. And here are a few of the more out-there designs from this year's Swim Week, to prove it.

Sirenes De Soleil (SDS Swim)

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This highlight from the SDS 'La Jungle' collection is for the woman whose arms get a little cold. But only her arms. ONLY HER ARMS.

Cirone Swim

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For the lady in the streets, the freak in the sheets and the Olympian in the pool. The Circone Swim label is apparently inspired in part by Botticelli's VenusAlso, at a guess, bikers.

Mister Triple X

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For the woman who moonlights as a Bond girl. So, all of us.

GSaints Swimwear

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The Miami-based label is all about a focus on comfort and fit. It's also ideal for the mother trying to explain fractions and percentages to her kids at the beach.

Beach Riot

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For all the brides who idolized Pamela Anderson. Beach weddings are a thing, guys.

Luli Famas

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For the woman who is not worried about rash guarding her sides. (This one is actually beautiful, though—serious Beyoncé-on-vacation vibes, plus you could wear it under jeans as a kind of leotard.)

Issa de' Mar

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For no one. A white T-shirt is in fact literally the worst possible sartorial decision to make when going into the water.

Rocky Gathercole

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For Beyoncé. Even more than that long-sleeved one.

Wear sunscreen, everyone!