Monopoly Has Set up a Helpline for When Your Family Cheats This Christmas

Ah, Monopoly. No other game can bring families together in such a way—before inevitably ripping them apart.

The humble board game has been the source of tantrums, fights, accusations and, in many cases, long-held grudges, since we can remember.

Monopoly makers know this, and are clearly feeling a sense of responsibility to their customers for thousands, if not millions, of arguments worldwide.

That's why Hasbro has set up a hotline to help solve disputes about the game this Christmas before it all ends in tears, UK news website Metro reports.

The helpline, which will be open from December 24 to 26, will be there to provide mediation, according to Hasbro UK and Ireland spokesman Craig Wilkins.

"We’ll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advice on how to resolve common complaints," Mr Wilkins said, adding that callers would also have an opportunity to donate to UK's counseling service for kids, Childline.

The helpline was launched following a survey which found that half of all Monopoly games end in a fight. Not a surprising figure, really.

The survey of 2000 people found the most common cause of an argument was players 'making up the rules' as they go, closely followed by people gloating.

According to the survey, this is the top 10 causes for Monopoly-related arguments:

1. People making up rules
2. People being too cocky when winning
3. Someone buying a property you want, even when they don’t need it
4. People taking too long to take their turn
5. Someone stealing from the bank
6. Someone deliberately miscounting their move
7. Who gets to be the banker
8. The property auction process
9. Choice over tokens
10. What the rules of “Free Parking” are.

Someone buying a property you want, even when they don't need it may not cause the most bust-ups, but anyone who has ever owned New York Avenue and St James Place only to have Tennessee Avenue snapped up by another player knows it is probably the most infuriating thing anyone can do.

Since the helpline is a UK number, it's up to you to decide if the phone conversation is worth the international call fees.

But we're thinking if it can stop the kind of tantrums only seen when a game is taken this seriously, then it's worth it.

Here, to keep handy on Christmas day, is the Monopoly hotline number (with the calling code): +44 .