Bye Bye Clutter: The Five Best Things About Moving to a New House

There's no denying moving house can be a big ol' stress. But it's also kind ofamazing?

It's a chance to start again. To toss aside the old youalong with the family of unmatched socks that has taken up residence under your bed.

Bye bye clutter! So long mice! See ya never, slowly creeping bathroom mold.

We've compiled a list of all the best parts about a change of scenery, from clearing out the cobwebs to cleaning up your life.

You'll forget the pain in your lower back in no time. Promise.

It's a great opportunity to downsize.

Having to pack your seemingly infinite belongings into a finite number of boxes is the perfect time to consolidate your life.

I mean, of course you love that lava lamp, but do you love it enough to lug to the moving truck? Didn't think so.

Chuck it out. All of it. Marie Kondo has nothing on moving house.

You'll rediscover things your forgot about.

Odds are you'll find at least a fiver while you're turning your room on its head, but you'll also find belongings you haven't seen in years.

It's a time for nostalgia. For looking through old photos from the era when people actually bothered to print out their photos. A time to hug your teddy bear tight.

You'll also invariably find that top you blamed your sister for stealing, your Friends DVD box set, and ALL the bobby pins that have tried in vain to escape you. Suckers.

Get ready to redecorate

You know when's a great time to steal succulents from your neighbors? When you're moving far, far away.

Because you know what's going to look great in your beautiful new home? Succulents.

If you've ever wanted to make-over your indoor aesthetic, buy matching crockery or try a funky shade of paint: the time is now.

Well, doesn't that just look delightful. (Image via iStock)
Well, doesn't that just look delightful. (Image via iStock)

New house, new you! But really.

According to American psychologist and business professor Wendy Wood, there really is no better time to ditch bad habits (and form better ones) than when you're moving house.

"Habits are activated automatically by context cues. So, change the context," she told New York Times best-selling author Gretchen Rubin.

"We find that habit change is easiest when people move house or undergo some other life transition that changes the contexts in which they live (e.g., start a new job, get married). This is perhaps why people often report that they started a new, healthy behavior when on vacation. Away from familiar cues to bad habits, people are freed to act in new ways."

Say hello to your new neighborhood. (And goodbye to your old one.)

If you're a tad tired of your overzealous neighbor or the party-hardy house down the street, get ready to wave farewell!

A new neighborhood means new sights, smells, friends, and if you're really lucky, a killer deli.

Get ready to charm the local barista and befriend a whole set of a new in the park.

So there you have it. And you know what else is great about uprooting yourself? It'll give you an excuse to eat pizza on the floor of your new unfurnished place.

Oh, and housewarming gifts.