Friday News You Can Use: a 1-Minute Cheat Sheet

 1. Donald Trump is causing a lot of tension between couples

Have you and your partner been squabbling more about the election than usual? You’re not the only ones. In an exclusive poll by The Guardian, it's been revealed that four out of five Donald Trump supporters thought their spouses would vote for the same candidate, while nine out of 10 Hillary Clinton supporters thought the same.

This means that people voting for Clinton are much more confident they didn't marry someone who could vote for Trump—but Trump supporters aren't as sure that their spouses won't vote for Clinton. 

2. "If you lost your wedding dress in the flood, I want to replace it for you."

Redditor HumerusDoggo posted a message saying, "If you lost your dress, I want to replace it for you" on the r/weddingplanning thread, for women who might have lost their dresses in the Louisiana floods. She'd been given her dress for free and wanted to pay it forward, and has inspired dozens more women to do the same. One woman who lost hers in the flood was inundated with several more offers, while another user she had a whole collection she'd be willing to donate.

Here's a screenshot from the thread:


 3. It's totally normal to have a "favorite child"

According to the August issue of The Journal of Marriage and Family, it's very normal for mothers not to feel close to one of their children. It's also shown that this doesn't change over time, so there may not be a whole lot you can do about it.

But that's okay—although it's something not a lot of mothers admit, it's completely normal to feel like this.

 4. Doing regular exercise can save you $2500 a year

In case you need extra motivation to feeling and looking good, new data shows you'll save about $2500 every year in medical costs, simply by getting regular exercise.

The best part? Just 30 minutes of walking, five days a week is enough.

 5. Natalie Portman shows every celebrity how to announce a pregnancy

Portman rocked the red carpet for the premiere of her new film, Planetarium, in a killer gown with a very visible baby bump. This is how to announce a pregnancy without saying anything at all.

She and husband Benjamin Millepied are already parents to a five-year-old son, Aleph, who's so far been kept out of the spotlight.

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