News Bite: Ivanka Trump's Husband Named Senior White House Adviser

When Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner selected a Washington home just before Christmas, the majority of the speculation was about what role in Donald Trump's administration his oldest daughter would take. (Her resignations from her roles at the Trump organization and her own fashion brand have just been announced—watch this space.)

It now seems, though, the Washington move is more about Kushner, who the senior Trump has named as a senior adviserThe New York Times describes Kushner as a "calming influence" on his father-in-law: "The soft-spoken Mr. Kushner has often been described as having a calming effect on Mr. Trump, who is notorious for yelling at staff members during moments of tension," the Times reports.

It appears Ivanka Trump's husband is what stands between The Donald and frustrated anger. Maybe he should manage the President's Twitter account?

The appointment comes as Trump's nominees for cabinet positions ready for Senate confirmation hearings, and Washington prepares for next week's inauguration. It's a busy time for the President-elect, who nonetheless managed to take time out to criticize Meryl Streep for her Golden Globes speech that called out his behavior on the campaign trail.

But it looks like Streep may have had the last word—her words appear to have prompted hundreds of new donations to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the cause Streep trumpeted.