News Bite: Nordstrom Has Pulled Ivanka Trump's Line Shoe Line

Nordstrom officially decided to cut Ivanka Trump's shoe line from stores this week. Many are seeing it as a response to vehement protests nationwide about the new government.

The company has not claimed it as a political move, however. A Nordstrom spokesperson told Business Insider:

"Each year we cut about 10 percent [of brands carried] and refresh our assortment with about the same amount. In this case, based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season."

Melania Trump is also sparking concerns, as Americans continue to question what exactly her role——or lack thereof—will be in the White House.

This week, Donald Trump travelled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to pay respects to a fallen member of the Navy SEALs, and was accompanied by Ivanka, rather than the First Lady.

This decision, in combination with Melania's decision to reside in New York City rather than move to Washington, has many worried about her unprecedented (lack of) involvement so far.

Myra Gutin, a professor at Rider University who specializes in First Ladies tells The New York Times,

"She is far behind the curve compared to where modern first ladies have been by the time their husbands are inaugurated, in a quite unprecedented way. We are in uncharted territory here."

Meanwhile, Condoleeza Rice and Madeleine Albright have joined the ranks of female politicians against Trump. The two spoke on a panel at the Watermark Conference for Women on Wednesday, where they critiqued the recent immigration ban.

"We do have reasons to control our borders. We do have reasons to vet people Rice said, according to Politico. "To make ourselves safer."

"They are now using [the order] as a propaganda," Albright added. "We are having even more problems with countries that are on the designated terror list."

As always, watch this space.