Behold: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Style of 2017 so Far

Wedding dress shopping can be the highlight of the wedding-planning experience or the bane of a bride-to-be's existence.

After all, those wedding photos last forever and no one wants to look back and cringe at a dress that was trendy at the time, but now looks horribly dated.

Somehow, we don't think the brides of 2017 are going to have that problem.

Pinterest has revealed the most popular wedding dress trend of 2017 so far is actually quite timeless.

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According to the popular photo-sharing social media site, are the new go-to for bridal inspiration. Pinterest's 2017 Wedding Report revealed pins for off-the-shoulder dresses have jumped by more than 158 percent from last year.


wedding dress pinterest
An elegant off-the-shoulder dress is the most pinned style. (Photo via Pinterest.)

We can't say we're surprised, reallyoff-the-shoulder dresses and tops have been dominating clothing stores, catalogs and our Instagram feeds for months.

Add to the fact that off-the-shoulder often lends itself to vintage or retro silhouettes (another huge trend) and you have the perfect recipe for wedding photos that will never be cringed at.

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This post originally appeared on Mamamia, Spring.St's Australian sister site. You can read it here.