The Beautiful Letter to Hillary Clinton From the Women of Pantsuit Nation

In the lead up to the 2016 election, women all over America joined a private Facebook group 'Pantsuit Nation' to talk about and support their preffered Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. 

So significant was the 'Pantsuit Nation', that when Clinton lost, she personally reached out to her online boosters to say thanks. 

One of them wanted Clinton to know she was grateful, and so Laura Keller wrote Clinton a letter and published it on the page. It was co-signed by over 330,000 members of the 3-million-strong 'Pantsuit Nation', but was taken down earlier this week. 

Keller still wants Clinton to know what her candidacy meant to women, and so she has given Spring.St permission to republish the letter in full:

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I knew the moment I saw the election results that I had to write this letter, and to invite others from the “secret” Facebook group Pantsuit Nation to sign it, or to write their own, or to simply express their gratitude, admiration, and awe to you in some way.

You have been an extraordinary force for women, men, and all people. People from all walks of life have shared their stories of how they relate to you and how much they appreciate you. You have inspired women of multiple generations to pursue their dreams, collaborate, and work together. In addition, you have been a voice for the men who support women and wish to see everyone in the world succeed.

To more than three million members of Pantsuit Nation, you have stood for strength and progress.Pantsuit Nation to me has proven that love ALWAYS triumphs over hate. With you as our inspiration, I am prepared to go forward with my sisters, brothers, and all allies in Pantsuit Nation, and make this the sort of America we want it to be.

A selfless remark during your campaign was, “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” Hillary, you are our champion. Because of you, more women and people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs will become involved in local politics, grassroots organizations, and the overall democratic process. Many little girls in the growing generation will be champions too. You have helped to ensure that, and we thank you. By organizing from the ground up, we will be able to make this nation a better place for all people. We will be STRONGER TOGETHER, just like you said. Remember WE are your champions, too.

You have shouldered many burdens for us over the course of many years. You have our devoted support. We will take your work to every level of the nation. You have paved the way inspired so many people to be kind to others and to spread love in the world.

Yes, there are more seasons ahead of us, as you so eloquently stated in your remarkable speech on November 9th. Please consider the members of Pantsuit Nation your greatest champions in the work that is yet to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With the utmost respect, admiration, and affection,

Laura Elizabeth Keller