"To the Guy That Thinks a 'Working Mom' Is Not a 'Real Mom…"

It's hard to believe, but there are still people out there who legitimately think that women shouldn't work.


Popular parenting blogger Tova Leigh has a message for them.

In a addressed to "the guy that thinks a 'working mom' is not a 'real mom'", she starts out with a welcome.

"Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the 21st century," she writes.

"You probably missed the memo, and this may come as a shock, but news flash—women work.

"Secondly, I think you may be confused by what makes someone a 'real mom' as you call it, (probably 'cos you're not a mom yourself), so listen up as I explain what it means."

Leigh is a London-based writer and mother-of-three. Her blog and have proved popular because of her 'tell it like it is' outlook, and she explains that it doesn't matter that how a woman became a mother or what kind of a mother she is.

What matters is the love she has for her child.

"It does not matter if a woman squeezed a child out of her vagina, or had her stomach cut open to get him out, if she adopted, used an egg donor, or a surrogate. It doesn't matter is she breastfed or bottle fed, if she stays at home or goes back to work. It doesn't matter if she plays with her kid for five hours straight or takes some time for herself. It does not matter if she cooks all day, or orders take out, if her house is spotless or a raging mess, if she bakes homemade cookies or gets them from the store. And it doesn't matter if she has the patience of a saint or if she sometimes loses her shit.

"All that matters is that she loves her child with all her heart, and does her absolute best to provide and care for him. Because 'real moms' are kicking ass on a daily basis, at home, at work and everywhere in between."

In a piece for The Huffington Post earlier this year, 'I’m Not Sorry for Having a Nanny', Leigh wrote that the negative stigma attached to being a working mother using hired help is just plain ridiculous.

"For a long time, I felt embarrassed even saying that we had a nanny, almost as if I was cheating as a mother, like I wasn’t a real mom because I had help," she writes.

"I find that so ridiculous now when I think back. After all, I made the choice that was right for me and my family at the time, and I don’t believe that having a nanny made me any less of a mother."

In her Facebook post, Leigh says she's had enough of being criticized for being a working mom.

"We don't really need your criticism of our choices," Leigh writes, to critics of working mothers everywhere. "But you're more than welcome to offer your support."

Being a "real mom" isn't easy. And if it's not help you're offering, Leigh has a simple message.

"Stay out of our vaginas."