Five Ways Not to Act Like a Jerk at the Gym

I like that there are some set in stone guidelines for doing certain things. Emily Post gave us etiquette rules. The Geneva Convention gave us the rules of war. John Ritter gave us 8 Simple Rules for dating his teenage daughter.

There should be a set of guideline rules for everything. Including the gym because, nobody wants to ruin the gym for others. Here's our checklist to make sure you're not inadvertently doing just that.

1. Leave your phone in the locker room.

You can use your Bluetooth headpiece on the treadmill to catch up with your mom. That doesn't mean you should.

That poor lady on the cross-trainer next to you wants to tone up, not hear about the weird dream you had.

2. Don't disrupt the class.

If attending a group class, it's polite to turn up early or on time. Stampeding in 10 minutes late has a way of offending the instructor (it's a bit: "I'm more busy and important than you!")

There's always one woman who wears Birkenstocks or see-through leggings to yoga class. Don't be her.

3. Mind your business.

People come to the gym to have some me-time, not stranger-standing-awkwardly-close-to-me time.

Apply the "toilet cubicle rule": If there are three treadmills free on either side of a lone runner, don't choose the one next to her.

"Headphones in" is the gym-goer's code for "please don't talk to me". So no giving unsolicited advice, thank you.

4. Wear deodorant, but not perfume.

You’re going to sweat, and it's going to get stinky.

B.O. smells bad, but B.O. mixed with perfume can smell even worse.

5. Share.

If you want to share someone's weights machine, it's fine to ask if you can "work in".

After using the free weights, re-rack them so others can easily find them (think of that lifting as an extra arm workout.)

If you're running, or cycling in a busy gym, limit yourself to 30 minutes per machine.

And if you're completely tying up two pieces of equipment at once (or sitting on the machines while you recover), you're dangerously close to gym jerk territory. Nobody wants that.

Now go forth and get fit.

These tips are based off a Mamamia article by Nat Hawk.