Heather's Husband Gave Her Scarf to His Girlfriend. Enter, the Internet

Heather's husband cheating and leaving her for another woman was bad. But on top of that, he also gave her Heather's most treasured item. A Burberry scarf.

Well, thankfully, Heather has amazing friends and together with the power that is the Internet, they are working to replace that scarf.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by Heather's friends Brooke and Vanessa, Heather and her husband Joe divorced after 20 years, eight children, "too many dogs to count and a few other random pets (a pig, fish, some cats—it's like a domesticated zoo)".

The reason? Joe was cheating and his mistress got pregnant.

Oof. But Heather got through it.

"Fast forward about a year," Brooke and Vanessa write. "Heather is moving on. Got a tattoo, got herself a great job, another kid has graduated high school and she might even be able to finally take a proper trip to Mexico next year to help celebrate Vanessa's 40th."

But not everything is how it should be, at least not according to Heather's friends.

"Heather was the quintessential stay at home mom, complete with all the necessary sacrifices that go along with that," they write. "Raising eight kids is expensive and Heather's a pretty low-key chick who doesn't fuss over all that fancy shit that some women do. Except for her one treasured designer item—a Burberry scarf. She shared that scarf with her daughters freely. They wore it because they took good care of it. Then it disappeared."

Turns out Joe, whom they refer to as Heather's "WASband", gave that treasured scarf to his mistress!

"FUCKER!" Brooke and Vanessa write summing up the situation perfectly.

Because they know that she'll never buy a replacement for herself, the two women decided to get friends, family, and the powerful hive-mind-justice-seeking-mentality of the internet involved to buy one for her "so she can rock that motherfuckin' scarf like the boss that she is".

And the internet delivered. The GoFundMe campaign has already met its $500 goal.

Heather, you have some incredible friends.

H/T: Redbook