This Eternally Single Woman Continues to Make the Best Christmas Cards

Christmas cards can often seem as if they were invented specifically for families and couples.

Come holiday time, it's not uncommon to receive a flood of cards and letters from various friends and family, documenting whatever joyful thing is currently happening to them.

And these are joyful things, of course, but they can also unintentionally make single people feel very, very single.

Thankfully, one Reddit user swooped in to make us all feel a bit better. User macbubs shared the Christmas cards his single sister has made without fail for the past six years, much to the delight of the internet.

christmas cards for single people

He explains that he and his other three sisters are married, and his sister Bridget is the only single one. After the married siblings began sending out Christmas cards featuring their smiling families, Bridget decided to do her own versions.

And they are so good.

christmas cards for single people

The original post was titled 'My single sister's very single Christmas cards', and they are precisely that.

christmas cards for single people

Redditors had an overwhelming response to the photos. One even left a comment on this year's photo saying:

"I have been waiting all year to see if this got updated again" -Eight8itMonster

christmas cards for single people

Many commenters are also confused as to why she's even single:

"Cute girl, creates funny, original content, and is perennially single?" -SailorET

"Why is she single for so long?"-adriecoot

Of course, a woman who is funny, smart, and attractive may be perfectly happy single and have other things to do than find a mate. But one thing's clear—Bridget is getting a lot of love with these brilliant cards.