How to Tell the World You're Having a Baby

Forget excited phone calls to close family or mass emails to friends, video is taking the by storm and modern couples everywhere are feeling the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.

I have mixed feelings about the ever-increasing creativity in pregnancy announcements. On one hand I think it's pretty clever and cute when I see grandparents reacting to the good news and jumping joyfully on YouTube, and yet on the other I feel it puts unnecessary pressure on what should be a beautiful moment — no matter how private or public that announcement is. But trends come and go and right now the video announcement is having a moment, and the truth is, people are loving it.

In this digital age, anyone with a smartphone can become an instant filmmaker, so it's not surprising that this trend, combined with our obsession with documenting every moment, has taken off. Everything from gender-reveal parties, to a parody of the electronic hit by Walk the Moon (which currently has 1.8 million views) to morning television segments are becoming the new normal.

For those on the fence but wanting to know more, there seem to be a few particular styles that make for a great reaction. By far the "element of surprise" style is the most popular, and really capturing those unsuspecting grandparent reactions is essential (brownie points if your mom breaks out in a few cute dance moves). Movie trailers come in close second for all the film buffs out there, followed by the ever popular music parody, allowing couples to dance and lip sync to poorly rewritten Taylor Swift lyrics all in the name of pregnancy joy.

Regardless of the style, these new video announcements are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and have a pretty adorable memento to show your child years from now. So if you're thinking about having a baby or on the brink of announcing your own pregnancy, consider yourself warned. You still have time to channel your inner Spielberg and make it a moment the world will remember.