Our New Favorite Thing: Hatchet Throwing for Stress Relief (and Fun)

As kids, we were told not to hurl sharp, blunt weaponry through the air with great force.

But how times have changed, as Stumpy's Hatchet House in Eatontown, NJ, now not only encourages such behavior—they willingly teach adults how to do it well.

Spring.St recently took a trip to Stumpy's to get our hatchet on. And while our coordination was less than stellar, we now understand why this certain type of throwdown is becoming so popular.


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Arranged like a bowling alley, complete with beer and artery-clogging food on hand, Stumpy's has visitors throw hatchets at large wooden targets. It's an "alternative form of recreation," says the Stumpy's website:

Escape the mundane, power down from the world, and step into the rustic scene of hatchet throwing. Primitive and organic, this sport suits those who love adventure, those who seek a release. Get back to the basics with hatchet throwing.

After a quick lesson, we were soon throwing axes, finding it both incredibly therapeutic (and exhausting).

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And while it admittedly gives off a macho vibe at first, Stumpy's owners told Spring.St that women (especially bachelorette parties) have latched on to hatchets as well.

Maybe that's because there's so much for women to be angry about right now—or maybe it's just because throwing axes is so much fun.

In any case, speaking from experience, we can tell you that after you've thrown a hatchet at the wall a few dozen times, everything seems a whole lot better.