GOP Health Bill Would Allow Sexual Assault Survivors to Be Denied Coverage

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Some sexual assault survivors could be refused insurance coverage and preventative treatment under a new GOP healthcare proposal passed today in the House of Representatives.

Under a new amendment to the proposed American Health Care Act, states would be granted the freedom to waive protections for patients with pre-existing conditions. Sexual assault is listed as a qualifier as are , postpartum depression and domestic violence.

Experts say the bill. which passed 217 to 213 in the House, means that survivors of assault could be denied insurance coverage and preventative care, including mammograms and gynecological exams, without retribution.

"We’re living up to a campaign promise we made, the Senate made, the president made," says Rep. Chris Collins (R., NY), who said he is "breathing a sigh of relief" now that the bill has passed.

H/t: Mic