Turn a Broken Heart Into Art

An entire museum is being dedicated to remnants of past romantic relationships.

Say hello to the Museum of Broken Relationships; a museum dedicated to — you guessed it — broken relationships. Originally formed in Croatia by artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić (who had dated for four years before breaking up in 2003), the museum is making its way to Los Angeles, letting Angelinos submit any items that remind them of that idiot who broke their heart. And they mean any items. According to the LAist, "The museum in Zagreb featured a pair of plaster breasts a husband once asked his wife to wear during sex, for instance."


What’s great about the museum is that it celebrates heartbreak. Romantic rejection is inevitable, why make it worse than it needs to be? As odd as it may sound, there is beauty in heartbreak. The Museum of Broken Relationships reminds me that we should find ways to celebrate our heartbreak. Yes, a love has died, but instead of dwelling on the death, let it be a symbol of finding new love. The remnants you might have from your exes don’t have to be looked at with remorse. Let them serve as reminders that new love can and should be found. Think about the lessons you learned while with that person, and how it might have changed you.

As soon as I read about the museum, I thought about a strip of photo booth photos I took with my most recent ex. After we broke up, I hid the strip inside a book and had not looked at those photos since, until now. News of the museum inspired me to display the photo strip on my wall, next to other photos I have of my family, friends and myself. I’m choosing not to look at it with regret. I’m looking at it with hope.

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