Remember 'the Dress'? Now there's 'the Bag' and it Will Break Your Brain

On February 26, 2015, the world was torn apart.

On that day it became clear that there are two types of people, us and them.

Those that see 'The Dress'  as blue and black or as white and gold.

'The Dress'
'The Dress'

We've had 587 days to make amends to those we wronged in our pursuit of what we knew to be right but that all to brief respite is over.

On Tuesday, Taylor Corsco, aka , shared a snap of her brand new Kate Spade purse on Twitter with the caption, "Everyone say hello to my new baby".


Great. Why should you care that this woman posted a photo of her new white purse?


Here we go again.

The post has almost 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people arguing about the color of that damn purse.

Corso kept insisting the bag was blue.

But those that remember 'The Dress know in their heart of hearts that looks can be deceiving so the sleuthing began.


According to Corso the bag is Kate Spade’s Cedar Street Hayden Bag in the color “Mystic Blue,” and it costs $358.

But as we all know when it comes to arguing about colors on the internet, facts mean nothing. So the argument continues.

Are you an us or a them?