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Airbnb's Top 16 Trending Neighborhoods

Get ready for vacation envy.

Airbnb put together a list of the top 16 trending neighborhoods, directing you where to travel in 2016. To figure out which parts of town were the trendiest, Airbnb looked at where people traveled in 2015. It then broke that down by region, counties, cities/towns, and eventually to neighborhoods. The final list is made up of the neighborhoods with the fastest growth. There's 16 of them, and we've helpfully created a visual list for you to watch via the video above, with our selection of hosts to rent from.

If you’re currently vacationing or living in one of the top 16 neighborhoods you should feel pretty content with your choices and with your life in general. There is no reason for you to finish this recap. Well done, you.

Okay, now to the rest of us. Let's talk about that lady who lives in one of Airbnb’s top 16 trending neighborhoods. Who does she think she is with her community of great art, food, outdoor experiences and shopping? How dare she live in such a great part of town? What kind of asshole lives in a place where people from all over the world want to vacation?! How dare she make her amazing apartment available to book on Airbnb?!

Wait…that sounds great. When do I leave?

Bonus info: For the record, the rise of Airbnb is not causing a decline in business for Hotels. In fact, both are thriving. According to Slate, this might have to do with the fact that "Airbnb and hotels serve fundamentally different markets." Cathy Enz, a professor at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration says Airbnb is a threat to hotels when it comes to leisure travelers, "but there’s still meetings, there’s still conventions, there’s still groups of people. Typically that’s kind of a lower, corporate-negotiated rate, but that business clearly isn’t Airbnb’s." So don't feel bad for the hotels when you book that Airbnb dream vacation.