Kate Casey Recreates Celebrity Mom Photos in Real-Life Settings

Despite the occasionally relatable Instagram post, celebrity moms lead very different lives to the rest of us.

It's perfect bait for comedians. And moms. And moms who are comedians.

Hence Kate Casey of Newport Beach, who recreates iconic celebrity mom photos in a real-life setting.

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Casey has four children under the age of seven, so the realities of motherhood are definitely not foreign to her.

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Her celebrity parodies started years ago, Casey tells The Huffington Post.

"I kept looking at pictures of celebrities in magazines and thinking how funny it would be to compare a normal mom versus a celebrity mom or a mother featured in a magazine."

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Since starting, Casey says she's begun to receive requests from friends and fans when they find a particularly outlandish celebrity photo.

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Casey posted her most recent photo set to her for her 13,000 followers.

She recreates photos from Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Kate Hudson, highlighting how wildly unglamorous motherhood can really be.

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Casey's ultimate goal in posting her parodies is to make moms laugh, and offer a distraction from the chaos of everyday life.

"It’s easy to compare yourself to a glamorous celebrity. These pictures just highlight that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and the absurdity of airbrushed and staged photos."

We're definitely laughing along with her.

H/t: Huffington Post