Moms Trying on Stupidly Trendy Swimwear Is Our Favorite Thing Today

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, which means that women have been inundated with "Get your beach body ready!" messages for at least six months now.

It's an absurd concept for a lot of reasons, and the "trendy" styles that come out every year only add to it. From cut-outs to confusing straps to zero boob support, they're a bit of a head-scratcher.

Kirstin Hensley and Jen Smedley, stars of the popular Facebook page  and mothers themselves, get the struggle—and they made a hilariously relatable video about it.

The pair tries on a bunch of ridiculous swimwear intended for younger, more supermodel-looking bodies, pointing out how exposing, uncomfortable and flat-out ridiculous it makes them feel.

Image via Facebook / imomsohard

"I hate everything about this," Hensley states as she enters wearing a black two-piece suit.

"It looks like you're pressing something against a tennis racket," Smedley says of a complicated cut-out design.

Their banter is oh-so-real, but it also reiterates another important point: Swimwear should make us feel good.

moms trying on swimwear
Image via Facebook / imomsohard

The video has received 15 million views and 137,000 reactions on Facebook, and the comments section is filled with fellow women sharing their own experiences with "" confidence.

"66 years old. 260 pounds. And I squeeze every one of them into a 3X and go to the pool every single day," one commenter said.

"It's not about what other people think. It's about being out in the sun in the water and enjoying the company of whoever is around. You don't have to worry about anyone but YOU."

Smedley and Hensley replied to this—and many other comments—with words of encouragement and support, urging women to wear whatever makes them feel best.

Because enjoying the company of friends or family is what going to the beach or pool is all about—regardless of what you put on your body that day.

Beach body, smeach body.

H/t: Cosmopolitan