Ways Women Beat the Monday Blues (That Don't Involve Hitting Snooze)

I'm fairly certain we can agree on at least two things: Puppies are amazing, and Mondays are terrible.

But unfortunately, that doesn't stop them from appearing, or us from having to deal with them. Mondays, that is. Puppies would be just fine.

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Once you're over the denial phase (mine usually lasts through a decent portion of the morning), there are lots of things you can do to combat the sleepiness/rage/general frustration that Mondays bring.

I asked my lady friends what their methods are.

A lot of their routines involve coffee—a predictable yet deeply reliable source of energy at the beginning of the week (or anytime of the week).

"Lots of coffee." —Cassie

"COFFEE." —Paige

"Buy coffee out instead of making it at home." —Courtney

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It's also helpful to prep the night before.

"Fully prep for the morning the night before. Make the coffee, lunch, lay out the outfit, charge all devices. That way I can sleep as long as possible and use as little brain power possible." —Emily 

"Save a podcast I really want to listen to for the commute." —Courtney

"Making sure I get enough sleep on Sunday night" —Allison 

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Some feel-good entertainment never hurts, either.

"Music. So many car jams on my way to work." —Jackie

"Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, always gets me pumped up for the week ahead." —Nora

And, if all else fails:

"I wing my eyeliner so high that I could fly away." —Cassie

Good luck.