Beyoncé's Team Planned This 2012 Met Gala Look in a Single Day

The annual Met Gala is upon us, which means we're getting nostalgic for the Galas of years past.

One would think the red carpet looks for an event like take weeks, even months, of planning—but for Beyoncé's 2012 look, this apparently was not the case.

Yoncé's longtime stylist, , tells E! News that in 2012, she decided to attend the Gala the day of the event.

Just typing that sentence gives me anxiety, so I can't imagine the stress  Hunter felt upon receiving that call. Not only were Beyoncé and her team in the middle of rehearsing for a tour, it was also to be her first public appearance after having Blue Ivy.

No pressure at all.

"It was like, 'If we can, we go. If we can't, we won't,'" he said. "Thank god Givenchy made a dress for her for a prior event that we didn't use.'"

Hunter was able to have the dress delivered in the nick of time, quickly arranged for some jewelry from jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, and off went Yoncé to the red carpet.

The gown itself was a stunning, long-sleeved, embellished masterpiece, that according to Hunter, "was kind of the beginning of the illusion dress."

Thankfully, it didn't require any alterations and the event went off without a hitch.

We're assuming Bey's given her team a bit more of a heads-up this year, given she's dressing for three.

H/t: E! News