Sweetest New Teen Trend Is Borrowing Mom's Prom Dress to Wear in 2017

Teen girls across America are wearing their mother's dresses to their formal dances and sharing the sweet photos on social media.

While obviously not a brand new concept, it does seem to be a go-to prom trend for 2017.

Ally Johnson,18, from Hillard, OH, for one, generated a heap of attention after posting pictures of herself wearing her mother's 1995 prom dress. (If you squint a little, they're basically the same person.)

As Johnson told Today.com:

"I just loved it from the second I tried it on. People were shocked. They didn't think that could have been my mom's senior prom dress. It was back in style. It's a vintage, old Hollywood look. Even if my daughter doesn't want to [wear the dress], I'm going to make her. Now we have to!"

Now more girls are sharing photos of themselves in their mother's gowns—and hearts everywhere are melting.

Our very own editor, Jennifer Owens, is on it. Here's what her 13-year-old will be wearing to prom in 2021:

mother daughter style
via Jennifer Owens

She'll love it, right?!

H/t: Redbook