Busy Philipps & Michelle Williams Show Us How to Long-Distance Friendship

Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams continually prove they're the world's cutest best friends.

Now they're sending us an important reminder about long-distance friendship, in the form of a gorgeous no-makeup selfie.


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Philipps snapped a picture of her and her best friend saying:

"I'm sad we don't get to live in the same place but yesterday was a perfect day together and just what I needed for my soul."

We already loved them, but these sweet words just reaffirmed our crush. And it's a good reminder that if you're feeling blue (hello, Monday), a visit (or a phone call) with your best friend is just the thing to pull you out of it.

Philipps ends the caption with:

"That's what best friends are for, right? To show up when you need them most and remind you of who you are and why you are and that no matter what, it's all ok cause you will always have each other."

We're not crying, you're crying.