Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps' Friendship Started With Boxed Wine

If you are a woman with a best friend, it's more than likely that you have shared a bottle of wine together.

If you possess a certain kind of refined taste, it's perhaps also likely that you have shared a box of wine together. (No judgment here.)

Former co-stars and besties Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are no different; their friendship was also born out of a shared love for fermented grapes.

When asked how the pair initially came together at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles, Philipps told Elle: "Box wine."

Has a celebrity friendship ever been more relatable? We think not.

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But Williams' and Philipps' bond goes far beyond grocery store libations. They also admire each other as people and artists.

Philipps continued:

"From sharing cheap wine to Michelle's well-deserved fourth Oscar nomination, to all the personal work that we've put in to be the women that we are today. Because you just have to focus on what's really important in life, and that's your friends and your family, and the life that you build."

The pair has also unofficially won every red carpet they appear on together, proving that your best friend is always the most valuable plus one.

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"On other red carpets that we've done together, or events, it's just great to have somebody that can be your touchstone for reality," Philipps explains.

"Maybe I'm giving away a secret, but we always try right before we get to one of these red carpets to just look at each other and say, 'Don't forget how lucky we are. This is our life now.'"

And it all started with a box of wine.

H/t: Elle