This Is a Thing: The Celebrity Book Clubs You Need to Join

Whenever I read a book I really love, I'd like nothing more than a glass of wine and a group to discuss it with. Unfortunately, I'm a much bigger reader than most of my friends. So, I usually force my boyfriend to listen to me describe what I've read in fine detail and then discuss it with me while I get mad at him for just not understanding the characters.

Side note: I'm the worst.

In a very "Stars, they're just like us!" turn, it looks like there are a lot of celebrities that feel just like I do. The difference is, they have the platform to be able to do something about it. Move over Oprah, these women are working hard to create worldwide digital book clubs that allow women to collectively read and discuss amazing books.

I want to join them all!

In a very Hermione Granger-esqe move, actress Emma Watson created feminist book club Our Shared Shelf. Watson says she was inspired to start the club because she wanted to be able to share and hear others' opinions on all the amazing books and essays she was reading as part of her work with UN Women. With over 130,000 members, the discussion boards are full of great insight, as well as interviews with the authors.

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Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon earned her second Oscar nomination for her role in Cheryl Strayed's memoir Wild, so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about great books. As part of her , Reese recommends books she loves, but she also gives a sneak peak of some of her future roles. #RWBookClub recommended Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry, both of which Witherspoon's production company Pacific Standard has acquired the film and television rights for.

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If you're looking for book recommendations more often, then Lena Dunham's got you covered. Every Thursday, Dunham and the other smart, amazing women of Lenny Letter recommend their current favorite books. Their choices usually cover a wide range of topics, so it's safe to say, Lit Thursday has something for everyone.

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Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine's book club  got started because a fan tweeted at her asking what she was reading. It turned out that a lot of fans were interested. Between Two Books now has over 36,000 followers.

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Though she doesn't have an official book club name, actress Emma Roberts has been sharing her favorites on Instagram for years. Roberts is a voracious reader with great taste. And it looks like her influence is rubbing off on the younger generation. Teen Vogue put together a gallery titled, "16 Times Emma Roberts Recommended the Perfect Book on Instagram." Looks like the kids are gonna be alright.