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Learn How to Create the Perfect Cat Eye

It is impossible for me to get my eyeliner to match on both eyes. Impossible. This has been a lifelong struggle. If you look at my 11 grade I.D. picture, you’d think I was winking at you. So no eyeliner trend is more horrifying to me than the cat eye. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn.

On the inside I’m perfect retro glam cool, with my perfect hair and makeup. On the outside I’m Kristen Wiig in that Lawrence Welk sketches from Saturday Night Live. I’ve tried everything to get that perfect swoosh and flick. I thought the cat eye was out of my reach until I saw this video by Jane Marie on The Hairpin. This is actually the first thing I saw on the Hairpin in November 2011 and I still check in on the site because of it.

Perfect cat eye

Jane Marie is a genius. She produced a video that taught me to do a cat eye despite the fact that I can’t draw a straight line. Despite the fact that my hand shakes when the word eyeliner is even mentioned. It turns out the key to the perfect cat eye was on my desk all along. Tape!

During the application using this technique you’re going to look like you tried to give yourself an at-home facelift, but I swear this really helps. I’ve been using this technique whenever I want to amp it up for a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah, co-workers wedding, or when I want to sit at home in my yoga pants but with a sense of "you go, girl."

In one minute and 38 seconds, this video will change your life. Okay, it’s not quite life-changing, but you’ll definitely learn to do something!

Bonus info: Cleopatra was known to rock a cat eye. She used ancient kohl to smudge around her eye. If the ruler of Egypt can do it without tape, you can do it with!