Everyone Can "Squirt". You Just Have to Know How.

Ah, the elusive female orgasm.

While some (mostly men, let's be honest) continue to debate its very existence and others argue over its many forms, women are quietlyor not so quietlygetting off the world over.

We can all agree female orgasms are most definitely a thing. But, sadly, they are a thing we still don't know enough about.

For example, why do some women "squirt" when they have one?

Like all things related to women and sex, female ejaculation has a long, politically charged history, which is doused in misinformation.

Scientists can't agree why it happens and skeptics will tell you it doesn't happen at all (or, you know, women are actually just peeing on themselves when they come).

But for each nonbeliever there's a self-fashioned ejaculation expert like Christine Borch, who will tell you that everyone can do it. You just have to know how.


Let it flow. (Image via iStock)
Let it flow. (Image via iStock)

We chatted with Borch, who is currently in Sydney for the Festival of Really Good Sexwhere she is hosting workshops on the topicto find out more.

"I've always been ejaculating, I’ve never really thought about it," she told us"But at some point I understood that it was not happening for all women," she said.


Encouraged by a steady stream of friends (sorry) and lovers to share her "secret" with the wider population, Borch began to research the topic.

Only to discover, well, not a whole lot.

While there are many ancient representations of women "gushing" fluid from their vaginas in literature and art, they tend to dry up, along with discussions of female sexual pleasure in general, somewhere around the industrial revolution.

While the phenomenon is referenced fairly often in pop culture (and porn), the actual percentage of women who have experienced an expulsion of clear liquid from their urethra during climax is vague, but is estimated around less than half.


(Image via iStock)
(Image via iStock)

"I think it’s very important that the information is out there. That all women have access to true knowledge about their genitals and their bodies, the powers they hold in their being," Borch said.

Rather than being "goal-oriented", the sessions are about offering "real guidance" to women who might not know what their bodies are capable of. And, according to the sex expert, we are all capable of "squirting".

So, what exactly happens during a workshop on female ejaculation? Glad you asked.

The sessions typically start with Borch sharing everything she knows on the topic, both from her own lived experience and subsequent studies.

Next, comes "body work"which includes breathing, pelvic muscle exercises and "energy work", which she facilitates.

The group then moves into touching themselves, again under her instruction; mapping their genitals and trying different techniques to stimulate ejaculation.

Eventually, Borch provides a live demonstration before the class enters an "open field of research".

"People are invited to play with themselves," she explained. "I never know what’s going to happen. I listen and I allow. I guide from my own sensation, my intuition, my heart, my spirit."

Typically, a one-on-one session will last between an hour and an hour and a half, while a group session might last between two and four hours.

"This work is endless," Borch said.

Most of the women who attend the workshops report having a very "profound experience". Some return with tales of mind-blowing sex with their partners and "amazing squirting orgasms", while for others its more of an emotional, healing experience.

Some women are chuffed about getting to know their genitals a little better, and some just have a really good giggle.

"Most of the women feel empowered, most feel very grateful," Borch said. "I think we live in a very interesting time at the moment. Women are on a path of reclaiming their potential, their powerand a lot of the process has to do with sexual evolution."

"It’s about opening up the fountain of life so we can flow with life instead of fighting out of fear, out of shame, out of guilt or whatever may cause that."

And, of course, it's about having really good sex.

This post originally appeared on Mamamia, Spring.St's Australian sister site. You can read it here.