The Former Couple Who Are Proof Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Bitter

In one photo, a teenager in Pearland, Texas was able to sum up the complexity and emotional depth of divorce.

17-year-old Morgan Lynn's parents made the difficult decision to get divorced after being married for 19 years.

Last week, on the day the divorce was finalized, Lynn shared a photo of the flowers her father sent her mother with a heart-string-pulling note that read: "Always gonna be you."

Lynn that her father used to send her mother flowers whenever she was having a bad day. She says that "to know that even after today he still did it breaks my heart"

The card's message of "Always gonna be you" came from the fact that the couple's wedding song was "Had Me From Hello" by Kenny Chesney. Lynn says her father heard the Kenny Chesney Song "Always Gonna Be You" and thought it was a perfect choice to be their finale song.

Lynn's original tweet has struck a chord with a lot of people.  It's been liked over 200,000 times and retweeted over 75,000 times.

Lynn told The Huffington Postshe didn't expect the image to spread the way it did, but hopes it can help people to "realize that just because you get a divorce does not mean you can’t still love [and] care for that person like you did when [you] were married."