Emoji Sex Explainer: A Guide to Online Flirting

The written word is dead, but that’s okay because it's death means you’ll get laid more often! This video from Armand Valdes for Mashable explains how using emojis in your online flirting will help your sex life.

In a study released by Match.com in 2015, researchers found that online daters who used emojis more often had sex more often. What? Valdes voices our collective confusion by stating that he “personally doesn’t find the poop emoji very sexy,” but then gets into the science behind why emoji use means more sex.

Text can be cold. You can’t see the other person’s expression or body language. “Humans in real life tend to mimic each other’s physical expressions in order to empathize with each other," Vales says. "This is a phenomenon known as emotional contagion and it’s the way that you and I are able to understand each other’s emotions with out using verbal or written communication."

Emojis replicate the effects of emotional contagion. Our brains see that little emoji guy’s face as actual faces and connect us to the emotional context. So when you see an emoji smiling, your brain connects that to an actual person smiling and you mimic that like you would in real life.

have more sex

So if you want to inject some much-needed humanity into your online flirt session, drop in some digital emotional contagion. Man emoji, woman emoji, taco emoji, French fries emoji, wine emoji, bride emoji. Heart Heart Heart. Ah, young love.

Bonus info: According to that Match.com study, the top used emoji among men was the kissy face emoji. Among women the top used emoji was the heart eyes emoji. But now that we finally have that taco emoji I expect that will change any second. Nothing says love like a taco.