Friday News You Can Use: A 1-Minute Cheat Sheet

 1. Here's why you might want to rethink that iOS 10 update

According to Deadspin, searching the word "butt" in your new GIF library will bring up a My Little Pony GIF doing something My Little Pony should never do.

If you search for other vulgar words, nothing will show up, so it appears Apple has just forgotten to censor the "butt" search term. If you don't want your kids to see a pony's cartoon vagina, maybe keep that newly updated phone away from them.

 2. Teenagers have some thoughts about the state of sexual education

A new global analysis finds that students experience sex ed as out-of-touch, insensitive, negative and often exclusionary. Students also say their teachers are poorly trained, and seem embarrassed when speaking about the subject matter.

“Some schools are doing a really good job but others need to think very carefully about how they deliver [sex and relationship education],” said the study’s lead author Pandora Pound, a research fellow focusing on youth and sexual health education at the University of Bristol. “This study shows that it is not only important to get the content of [sex ed] right, but also vitally important to get the right people to deliver that content.”

 3. Sofia Vergara has been named the highest paid actor on television

Her role as Gloria on Modern Family has made Vergara the highest paid actor on television, with Forbes noting that she beat out all the male actors with her huge $43 million paycheck in 2015.

The second biggest earner was Kaley Cuoco who stars in The Big Bang Theory, who $24.5 million in the same period—an $18.5 million difference.

4. Marc Jacobs accused of "cultural appropriation" at NYFW

The designer sent white models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid down the runway with dreadlocks for his New York Fashion Week Show. Only two women of color were included in the show, and so many are grilling Jacobs with accusations of cultural appropriation.

 5. Want to be comfortable on a plane? Avoid these seats


We all know that legroom is important, but if you want to be truly comfortable on a plane, there are many other factors to consider. has listed the seats you should avoid, including the most surprising:

  1. The one with the “entertainment equipment box", taking up the entire under-seat storage area.
  2. The seat at the back of any section. It's close to the bathrooms. Enough said.
  3. The seat next to the main exit door. It might give you more legroom, but your seat width will be smaller.
  4.  The rows in front of exit row—less legroom.