You Can Set iMessages to Expire, and Other Secrets Your iPhone Is Keeping

Technology is supposed to make us more efficient right?

So why did I not know all these things I can do on my iPhone!? Life could have been so much easier!

Set audio messages to expire

Want to tell someone something, um, a little naughty, but don't want to worry about where it'll end up? You can make any audio message you send through iMessages disappear after two minutes.


Go to Settings > Messages > Expire and set to two minutes.

Take a photo while filming a video

Now there's even more reason why no one should ever say, "Take one with my phone too".


While shooting video, tapping the white shutter button on the left side of the screen will take photos while you're recording.

Get things even with the built in level

Included in Apple's Compass app is a level feature that will make hanging pictures a breeze.


Just swipe to the next screen and get it to turn green.

Remind yourself to call someone back

Avoid the wrath of your mother after you forget to call her back. Next time she calls and you can't answer, click the 'remind me' button right above the slide to answer option on your main screen.


You can then have your phone remind you to call her back in an hour, or based on your GPS location, when you leave or when you get home.

Use read receipts with select people

If you're the type of person that likes to feign ignorance with some but wants full details with others, you can turn on read receipts for individual conversations.


Go to the conversation you'd like to turn on and lick the information ("i") button in the top right corner and turn on Send Read Receipts.

Remember iPhone, you work for me. And now that I know what you can do, it's on!