Tall People, You Need to Check Out Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram Immediately

Turns out, Jennifer Hudson looks down on most people, but not because of some (probably justified) superiority complex…but because she's just really damn tall.

I hear you, vertically gifted readers. There are few things more irritating to a tall person than when strangers comment on their height. (Yes, Sherlock, I'm tall. Excellent observational skills.)

But the 35-year-old singer herself is currently demonstrating precisely that fact in a serious of hilarious , in which she affectionately pats small people on the head.

It started with this one, roughly a week ago:

A post shared by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on

And then today, it became a series, starring members of her professional team and her family.

Or as she put it in one caption, "Me and and these damn short people."

jennifer hudson tall
"Everybody! I feel like BFG!!" Photo via Instagram /
jennifer hudson tall
"Big sis and little sis!" Photo via Instagram /
jennifer hudson tall
"Even tower [over] Mr. Manager." Photo via Instagram /
jennifer hudson tall
"Bossman too!" Photo via Instagram /
jennifer hudson tall
"Lord lord they just keep getting shorter and shorter !" Photo via Instagram /

Hudson, who is believed to be around 175cm (that's about 5'9", Dad) tall, first found fame on season three of American Idol, where she came in seventh place.

But rather than fade into obscurity (or become the subject of particularly challenging pub trivia question) the Chicago-born woman is in fact halfway to joining the small and illustrious list of EGOT winners.


She's got the Grammy for her self-titled 2008 album and the Oscar for her starring role in the 2006 film, Dreamgirls.

Now, she's just got to reach for the Emmy and the Tony, which given her heigh…sorry…incredible talent, shouldn't be too difficult.

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