To Be Beautiful and Famous, Eat Lots of Salmon. Just Ask Mariah Carey

In earthshaking, life-changing news today, we found out Mariah Carey only eats two foods. Yes, you're right, that isn't many foods.

Especially when those two foods are salmon and capers.

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(Mariah, shopping for salmon and capers.)

Not just any salmon, though. "All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That's it," Mariah told E! News, assuring them she was "actually serious".

"It's really hard. My diet, you would hate it," she said.

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(Mariah, with a surprisingly delicious-looking salmon-and-caper pie.)

She's right, I would. I would like to only eat cheese and bread-y things. But I would also like to be Mariah Carey. It's a hard life.

Especially for her. "I try to stick with the proteins," she said. "It's the worst."

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(Mariah, channeling her inner salmon.)

Do you know who else eats salmon? Mainly salmon? Not much else? Victoria Beckham, whose L.A.-based dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer told her, "You have to eat salmon every single day."

"I’ve known him for years," Beckham told Net-A-Porter earlier this year. "He sorted my skin out."

The proof is in the pudding, I guess—or in the flawlessly good skin. Still, it seems a little...extreme.

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(Beckham, with the glossy, peach-hued skin of a salmon.)

"He said, 'Yes; breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat it every single day'."

Famous people do like their fish.

Remember when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson used to eat 2.3oz of cod a day? A day?!

No one can keep that up. Not even The Rock.

You heard the man. Cod is out. Salmon is in.

And now Mariah is also on board. Salmon is the new diamonds. John Oliver's known it for years.