The 'Most Liked Wedding Dress on Instagram' Is Beyond Special

Every bride wants her wedding to be special.

Of course, what special means is going to differ from bride to bride, but regardless, everyone wants to feel it.

For Indonesian bride, Intan Azzahra, and her now-husband, Zendhy Zaen, "special" equaled an elaborate fairytale wedding with an even more elaborate fairytale gown. A gown so special that, according to ,that it's earned the title of the "most liked wedding dress on Instagram of all time."

That's a big claim, but her dress lives up to it:

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Designed by Ivan Gunawan, Azzahra's long-sleeve ivory and pink gown features a sweetheart neckline over a sheer bodice decorated with thousands of pearls. The pearls and iridescent beads gather into scallops, continuing down to a ballgown skirt complete with train.

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Indeed, for Azzahra, "special" meant Disney princess, complete with a crown.

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And while most brides might stop with just one perfect gown, Azzahra's vision for her special day also included a costume change.

For the reception, she changed into a custom Hengki Kawilarang gown in bright crimson.

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Somehow even more elaborate than the first, Azzahra's second dress featured a skirt made entirely of feathers.

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She even changed her makeup to match her new look.

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And a lot of people agree. According to Allure, Azzahara and Zaen's wedding has been liked more than 167,000 times on Instagram.

If there's one thing you can say, it's that Azzahara is definitely a woman committed to making things special.