There's No Shame in Buying Clothes You Fully Intend to Return

Come on, you've all done it. Purchased an item of clothing you fully plan on wearing only once and then returning.

Whatever the occasion (wedding, fancy work event, your own personal fashion show in your living room on a Friday night), you want to look great without dropping a lot of cash on something you know you won't wear again.

It's not an unreasonable request. Apparently not even for celebrities like Kris Jenner.

Actor Lindsey Broad tweeted a picture of the Kardashian mom-ager appearing on E! News wearing a sheer, encrusted dress with the caption:

"Here is the tag on Kris Jenner's dress, gently tucked into her sleeve."

There's an old adage, that celebrities never wear the same item of clothing more than once.

This image proves it's true. Although it might have to be Jenner's stylist who takes the dress back. Given millions of viewers have now definitely seen Jenner wearing it, it'd be tricky for her to claim she "changed her mind" or "got the size wrong".

The lesson here though, is that you too can live like Kris Jenner once in a while.

Go on, return that fancy gown you cleverly left the tags on. Just be sure to follow these few rules set forth by Who What Wear:

1. Don't make up an elaborate story.

According to retail associates, long, detailed explanations seem suspicious.

For example, don't say something like, "Well, I was about to head out to the post office in this Christian Dior gown when my iguana decided to claw his way up the train, destroying it completely! Freddy has been appropriately scolded, but I unfortunately need to return this dress."

2. Keep your cool.

Staff are less likely to want to help you if you make their lives difficult.

Try to avoid statements like, "Kris Jenner returned a dress she wore on TV and I honestly don't see one way in which our lives are different; I also have six insane children. So this should be no exception."

3. Don't make a habit of it.

Once you start getting recognized as a serial returner, it's all over for you. A good indicator you've made the list, in a bad way, is when you notice your picture is hanging up in the store and the associates all take turns throwing darts at it.

Many happy returns.