It's Happened. Online Dating Has Finally Gone Too Far.

From a dating app for bacon lovers to one for adults who still love Disney cartoons, online dating might be taking things too far.

Whatever happened to a simple online dating profile, something that listed basic hobbies, included a few pictures, and left us wondering whether or not that person is a great match or a serial killer? The world of online dating has taken a strange turn for the worse thanks to the rise of niche dating apps. “There are services for salad lovers and bacon lovers, for admirers of sea captains and farmers, for pot smokers and sober sweethearts, for Filippina Christians, Ayn Rand enthusiasts and people who have the hots for hot sauce.”

Who loves something so much that they decide to base their attraction to others off of that one thing? I love hot sauce, but I’m okay with falling in love with someone who hates spicy food. It would have to be a very deep love, sure, but I know it’s possible. What’s sadder about these incredibly niche dating sites is the crushing fact that most of them don’t really have that many users (not surprising). You’re not likely to meet someone on Mouse Mingle (the dating app for adult Disney fans), who lives in your city and is also compatible with you when it comes to everything else.


What are these apps getting at? Do they really think this is the future of dating, or are they trying to make a quick buck? Whatever the answer, let’s hope the madness stops soon and get back to traditional, wholesome, and totally effective online dating. Now if you'll excuse me, I just got an OkCupid message from a man who probably wants to take me out to a fancy restaurant and buy me expensive fruity cocktails. Nope, nevermind. He's just asking for pictures of my feet.