The 67 Percent of Women We Don’t See Enough

The average American woman is between a size 16 and 18, but less than two percent of women shown in the media are that size. Now, Refinery29 wants to call us out for it.

A new project launched by the women’s network aims to draw attention to the 67 percent of women we rarely see in the media, with their new campaign, the 67% Project.

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The campaign, in partnership with womenswear label Lane Bryant, lingerie line Aerie, Getty Images and Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks, shows us what accurate representation of women should look like—based on the fact that 67 per cent of the population is a size 14 or higher.

In doing so, it not only highlights how the average woman isn't represented in the media, but also aims to stop women comparing themselves to unrealistic body types.

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"The fashion industry needs to step up its size inclusion; size 2 is not the norm for the majority of society and young girls need role models who look like them," Danielle Brooks says in a statement.

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"I wish I had something like this growing up; showing successful, diverse, and gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes killing it across many walks of life and industries. Now I get to be that woman, be that voice I wanted representing me when I was younger. It's time for us to be seen and heard. I am so proud to raise my voice with Refinery29 and be a part of the movement that is The 67% Project,” she continues.

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As Refinery29 writes, lack of representation leads to "unconscious bias".

"Not showing the 67 percent in normalized ways has real consequences: Plus-size women earn less and are more vulnerable to discrimination. That’s why we need to see more of you on our site," a statement on the project says.

Representation is key: the more we see more plus-size women in the media, the more we are all able to celebrate ourselves at any and every size.

And now, women on Instagram are joining in with the hashtag #SeeThe67.

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The pressure we face to adhere to unrealistic standards of beauty and dress-size is enormous. It’s fantastic to see a campaign celebrating women who reflect the people we see every day, and the people we are.

H/t: Refinery29