This Woman Wore Her Engagement Ring for Over a Year Without Knowing

A year into dating Anna, Terry knew he wanted to marry her. But feeling like it was too soon to put a ring on it, he gave her a necklace instead.

A year and a half later, Anna opened the necklace to find an engagement ring in side.

That's right, Anna had been wearing her engagement ring for over a year without realizing it.

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Unbeknownst to Anna, Terry had carved a place for an engagement ring inside the necklace he made for her for their one year anniversary.

He sealed it up so that it could only be opened with a knife and watched as she wore the necklace almost every day for the next year and half.

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In November 2016, during a trip to Smoo Cave in Northern Scotland, Terry was ready to fill Anna in on what he had done.

"I picked Smoo Cave because it was a place we had talked about visiting since we first met, and ‘smoo’ comes from an old Norse word for ‘hiding place,’ so I think I get extra points for that one," Terry told the Huffington Post

Terry asked Anna if he could see her necklace for a minute so he could take a photo of it near some rocks, pulled out a knife and broke the seal encasing the engagement ring inside.

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Turning back to Anna he said, "Oh, I forgot to give you your necklace back," and pulled the now opened necklace with the engagement ring visible from his pocket, dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him.

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After a couple moments shock and confusion, Anna said yes!

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"It actually took her a couple of moments to understand that the ring had been in the necklace the entire time since I gave it to her," Terry said.

"She flipped out—'Wait, it's been in there the entire time!? I could have lost it, you f***ing idiot!', which was a hilarious mix of happy and angry."

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Now, happily engaged, Terry and Anna are saving up for a home at which they hope to one day host their wedding.

"We are hoping to buy a house with land so we can have the wedding at home with our friends and family, in a very relaxed fashion that we think matches us—rather than having a gigantic, glamorous wedding, which isn't like us at all," Terry told HuffPost.


And if my boyfriend is reading this, please know that I am now assuming all gifts contain engagement rings and will continually be disappointed when they don't.

You know, just a heads up.

H/t: Huffington Post