Making Us Smile: The Woman Bringing Facebook Into Real Life

Alex Steinman, a social media editor for Entertainment Weekly, recently snapped a photo of a woman who came prepared for the lack of underground WiFi. This metro-riding hero took the time to print out multiple pages of her Facebook feed so she could catch up on the go.

If you live in a big city (that's not Los Angeles), you know what it's like to be bored on public transport. New Yorkers in particular understand the struggle of keeping yourself from getting out-of-your-mind bored on the subway.

Some cities offer free WiFi underground. Others have made cell service a reality, but the New York MTA is still in the process of getting those sweet, sweet internet bars spread throughout the city's subway system. Until then, commuters are left to stare into the void that isn't filled with their friends' social media updates.

But this woman is a notable exception. A genius, even. You could follow her lead by printing your Facebook, but this new way of life can be taken so much further.

  1. Instead of turning your face into a puppy on Snapchat, go see an actual puppy. 

    A real puppy's tongue will work the first time.

  2. Forget Instagram filters, if you wash your clothes a lot they'll look washed out IRL. 

    Make laundry day Amaro day, or Slumber day.

  3. Instead of double-tapping your friend's selfie, tap them twice on the shoulder. 

    A double tap in any form shows you care.

  4. Limit your speech to 140 characters. 

    Imagine how much faster your meetings would go if they operated like Twitter.

  5. Make a joke, keep it to six seconds and then repeat it endlessly.

    Do it for the IRL Vine.

  6. Host a barbecue for friends with opposite viewpoints to interact.

    “Erika, this is Lisa. Lisa thinks all lives matter. GO!”

  7. Make everyone listen to an ad for 30 seconds before they can talk to you. 

    You can hear about my amazing date after I tell you about these amazing shoe insoles. They're 35 percent more comfortable than before. Thanks, insoles!

     Otherwise, you can always just take a book to read on the subway. Your choice.