Life Advice From the Oldest Woman in the World

As of this week, 116-year-old Emma Morano is the world's oldest known person. While that's a pretty impressive title, it’s her surprising diet that we can't stop talking about.

In today’s youth obsessed culture, the process of growing older isn't exactly glorified. Yet when you achieve the title of world’s oldest person, everyone sits up and takes notice, asking one simple question - what's her secret?

Emma Morano was born in 1899 in Northern Italy and lives today near the Swiss border in her own one-bedroom home. When told about her new found fame, she replied, “My word, I’m as old as the hills." What I found most refreshing about Emma's story is that she seems to have been a woman ahead of her time. Having lived to 116 years old, she's obviously doing something right however her habits are far from the healthy living lifestyle you might have imagined.

This supercentenarian isn't drinking kale smoothies or abstaining from red wine – much the opposite is true.  In Emma’s case she credits her longevity to one secret weapon: raw eggs. Yes since childhood, to help battle anemia, Emma has been downing two raw eggs daily and the Washington Post goes on to paint Emma as a, ‘raw-egg-eating, brandy-drinking Italian woman,” who credits her longevity to ‘daily eggs, early bedtime and being single.”

Raw eggs aside, she eats minced meat and pasta every day and told the New York Times that leaving an unhappy marriage helped her live so long explaining, “I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone," she says.  Never to remarry, she does admit to having had many 'suitors' and a great work ethic, retiring from her last job at the age of 75. It only gets better, when reporters recently came to her house to talk to her about holding this prestigious title, they were told to wait because Emma was napping. Now that's my kind of girl.