Beyoncé vs. Solange: Who Does Blue Ivy Look More Like?

Beyonce vs Solange: Who is Blue's real twin?

Thanks to a photo posted by Blue's grandma, Tina Lawson, we were fairly certain Beyoncé and Blue Ivy were long-lost twins.

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It makes sense, given they are mother and daughter.

But now Ms. Lawson brings us an entirely new theory: Solange is actually Blue Ivy's twin.

Her recent Instagram post shows Solange and Blue at the Wearable Art Gala in very similar poses, with very similar faces.

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Her caption even reads, "These are two peas in a pod!"

Suspicious, Ms. Lawson.

She posted another picture of Solange as a little girl looking almost identical to Blue, which she points out in the caption.

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So we're now left with the burning question: Who does Blue Ivy look more like: Her mom, or her aunt?

Let the debates begin.