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“Love Is” by Nikki Giovanni: The Poem Everyone Is Sharing

Nikki Giovanni's "Love Is" is a poem for sharing, and a powerful testament to love at every age. We've brought it to life in the video above.

We talk about love so much, all day every day: we love our jobs; we love our partners; we love those great floral pajamas from Uniqlo. Not many sentiments get as much air time. But love is everywhere. We're all obsessed with it—maybe because of, not in spite of, the fact it feels overdone.

I think everyone is secretly convinced they can be the one to express it in a genuine way, cut through all the crap and articulate that…feeling. We hunt for ways to convey it to the people we love, to make sure they know how we feel, and how treasured they are.

This poem by Nikki Giovanni somehow does all of this easily. It's simple, quiet, and unassuming. It doesn't try too hard—it's sort of how a good love can feel. But she gets that love isn't something that happens automatically. It takes practice and consistency. It takes effort, flexibility, and optimism—and it takes time. Human beings are tricky creatures. We get tired; we take out our anxieties on the people close to us. We lose touch with people we don't see regularly, and forget to make time to keep up with their lives. Sometimes we lose touch with people who live in the same house—we have to remind ourselves to take care. Love is work; of course it is. But love is fun. It's touch, and smell, and laughter, and memory, and it's kind of magic.

Nikki is not just writing for lovers. "Love Is" is something to give to your parents, and your grandparents, and your friends. Every kind of love, whoever it's with, comes back to just one thing.

"Love is you and me."