Mariah Carey Explains Why She's Always Photographed on Her "Best" Side

In this clip from the new episode of Mariah's World (a.k.a. every pop culture hound's current reason for living), my favorite singing unicorn and imaginary BFF Mariah Carey explains something I've been itching to know.

(Almost as much as I couldn't wait to know what she she mainly eats. It's salmon, by the way. You're welcome.)

Why is she always photographed on her right side? These are the burning questions of our time.

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As she tells her makeup artist, Kristofer, it's because of some sage advice from her first ever photoshoot.

A helpful advisor (/insecurity-mongering meanie) told 19-year-old Mimi her right side was her "good side". "Only let people photograph you from your good side, ever," she instructed.

Since then, Mariah has basically refused to have photos taken from the left. And she's really done an impressive job of sticking to the rule.

In blizzards:

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In showers of diamonds:

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While hunting and gathering:

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While navigating the world by sea:

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Right from the start, really:

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ALTHOUGH, WAIT. HERE IS MARIAH'S LEFT FACE. It looks just fine, tbh.

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Another thing. Apparently, according to science, your left side is usually "better". Whatever that means.

Barbara Streisand believed it so hard, she made Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell flip their entire sets. Yes, you're right. That is ridiculous.

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If all this has you feeling angsty about your own photo pose, there are some tried and true red carpet tricks you can always fall back on: arms back, raise your chin, take seated photos from on high, and full-length photos from low down.

And try something called the "squinch", described by London headshot photographer John Godwin to The Daily Mail as:

"Narrowing the eyes by bringing up the lower lids—as if you’re staring at something in the distance. Only the lower lids move, though—not the eyebrows or any other part of the face.'

You may also know this as "smize". Thanks, Tyra Banks.


Godwin does say your "good side" is usually as simple as which eye is bigger (most people aren't perfectly symmetrical).

But if, as in most things, you just wanna make like Mariah, turn left.

Mariah's World screens on Sundays at 9pm EST on E!