Have You Ever Wondered Why Celebrities Always Wear Too-Big Shoes?

Like anyone else, I love a good red carpet. Often on award show nights, I'll pour myself a wine and spend hours flicking through photos of the dresses worn on that night.

But there's something that has always irritated me. Celebrities are constantly photographed wearing shoes that are WAY too big for them! Have you ever noticed this? If you haven't, you're about to.


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I couldn't figure it out. They clearly have enough money and/or designer contacts to sort this little problem out. Why would they choose to wear shoes that are too big? And furthermore, how do they stop themselves from tripping and sliding all over the place?

Turns out, there is a very sensible answer.

According to Brightside, celebrities wear shoes one size too big so their feet won't swell and blisters won't form during the many, many hours they have to wear these shoes.

What's more, stylists know to put insoles inside the shoe to ensure there's no awkward slipping midway down the red carpet.

Lainey Gossip has another theory that will make you laugh if you have no soul: for a big awards show, it's a fight to the death in terms of which star gets what outfit. If a celebrity is more B-list than A-list, it's unlikely they'll be able to demand what they want, including a correct shoe size. So they just stick an insole in and go on their merry way.

We're inclined to go with the first theory here. Apparently, it also ensures the famous faces don't suffer from long-term foot pain from their years spent in heels.

Everybody wins.

H/T: Brightside