Turns Out Famous Women Leave Each Other Supportive Instagram Comments Too

Last night, approximately 87 percent of the internet was taken over by images and stories from the 2017 Met Gala. But amidst the floods of dress commentary and actually-pretty-funny memes was something very small, and very nice.

A little bit of female solidarity, tucked away in the comments on Lena Dunham's Instagram feed.

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"Met Ready," Dunham captioned her shower shot. Cue the lols, and the standard gushing from all the Girls fans, and the equally standard torrents of abuse.

And a comment from actor (and best friend of Michelle WilliamsBusy Phillipps: "Babe."

And another from Poppy Delevigne (model and sister of Cara Delevigne): "Pretty damn perfect 👌 "

No big deal. Just some low-key social media love. Like the kind you leave on a friend's post when you know she's nervous about it. Except, you know, when your friend is on the way to the Met Ball, and you are very very famous.


And the next picture Dunham posted got a comment from none other than her own dog, .


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Word, Lamby.

Female friendship isn't new, neither is celebrity female friendship. But on fashion-focused nights like the Met ball, when high-profile women inevitably get put under the microscope for how they look, it's still great to see it in action.

(Also, I want to be friends with Lamby.)